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Exploring Georgia's Wine Renaissance: Insights from 'Let's Talk About Wine'

Jun 24, 2022

Discovering Qvevri Wines, Sustainable Winemaking, and Georgian Indigenous Grapes at 8000 Vintages

🙌 We are happy to share moments from „let's talk about wine“ event in Georgia, which took place at 8000 მოსავალი / 8000 Vintages.

🥂 Qvevri wines, new winemaking techniques, Georgian indigenous grapes, sustainable winemaking, award winning Georgian wines and current challenges for small vineries - this and many other topics were discussed at “let’s talk about wine”.

🍷 We are glad that, event connected winemakers and winelovers and opened opportunities to develop new ideas of collaboration and helped professionals to share experiences and expertise.

📜 At the end of the event participants of the training „wine tourism – tapping into new opportunities“ were awarded certificates.

#seaofwine #letstalkaboutwine

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