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Exploring the Enchanting Wine Routes of Georgia

Dec 25, 2020

Unveiling the Rich Diversity of Georgian Wines and Vineyards

Wine routes in Georgia 🇬🇪

Georgia is one of the unique tourist countries in the world. It is a kind of discovery for visitors, which, with its potential and diversity, arouses the desire to visit the country again. Georgia is also distinguished by a wide variety of wines, which are represented in different regions of the country.

 🇬🇪 Viticulture Winemaking regions:

🍷Kakheti is the most important Georgian winemaking region. The vineyards giving the best quality wines are located in the Alazani and Iori basins, at 400-700 m asl, on humus-carbonate, black and alluvial soils. Of 20 aboriginal wines registered in Georgia 15 belong to Kakheti, such as Tsinandali, Gurjaani, Vazisubani and many other.

🍷Kartli is one more notable wine making region in Georgia. It is known for its classic European style and high-quality sparkling wines. The vineyards are cultivated in extensive basins of the rivers - Mtkvari and its tributaries, Liakhvi and Ksani, at 450-700 meters above sea level.

🍷Imereti is one of the most diverse regions of Georgian wine making, climatic conditions and soil composition are very different, and so the wines are also different every. The varieties spread in Imereti are: Tsolikauri, Thiska, Krakhuna, Kvishkhuri, Dondghlabi, Bazaleturi, Kundza and many other.

🍷Racha - Lechkhumi is distinguished other regions by scarcity of vineyards and rare grape varieties. The most widespread varieties are Tsulukidze Tetra and Tsolikouri, Aleksandrouli, Mudjuretuli and etc.

🍷Black Sea Coastal zone

Viticulture and wine making of these regions is situated along the Black Sea coastal area, the vineyards are at 2-4 m above sea level and extend up to 500 meters. The climate is subtropical, humid, in some areas even wetland and therefore, the vine has a long vegetation period.

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