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What we do

Cultivating Innovation and Expertise

At GCAD, our mission is to foster the growth of the agricultural industry by facilitating knowledge transfer and support across all levels. This includes educating farmers, nurturing future industry leaders, and introducing cutting-edge technologies to the country. With an extensive history of experience and through strategic partnerships with local and international experts, research institutions, public and private industry leaders, we ensure that our initiatives are infused with the latest knowledge and recent technologies, propelling the industry towards new horizons.

Our Story

Empowering Agricultural Growth

After its establishment in 2006 by Texas A&M University Professor Dr. Daniel Joseph Dunn, GCAD has evolved over the years, refining its priorities and principles. GCAD’s unwavering focus centers on promoting the sustainable advancement of the industry through the adept utilization of climate-smart technologies and approaches. Embracing transparency, equity, and inclusivity as its guiding principles, GCAD passionately advocates for vulnerable groups, strives for equal opportunities, and upholds horizontal principles.

This commitment springs to life through the implementation of diverse projects and programs, as well as the initiation of capacity-building endeavors, comprehensive educational and training initiatives, and robust support for youth on their path to becoming agribusiness leaders. Supported by a devoted team of experts and enriched by extensive hands-on experience, GCAD stands as a steadfast and sustainable partner for both local and international organizations and donors. Together, we forge a path to create a resounding and enduring impact on the growth and resilience of the Georgian agribusiness sector.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of highly skilled experts with extensive experience in the agribusiness sector, possessing in-depth knowledge of both local and international standards and approaches, and an unwavering commitment to upholding horizontal principles.

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