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Strengthening Bonds: Georgian and US Lecturers Visit ATC for Exchange of Expertise

Dec 20, 2012

Fostering Transnational Knowledge Exchange: Georgian and US Educators Unite at Agribusiness Teaching Center

A pivotal chapter unfolded at the Agribusiness Teaching Center (ATC) as Georgian and US educators converged to exchange insights and strengthen ties. Esteemed lecturers from Georgian Universities and the renowned Texas A&M University embarked on a knowledge-sharing odyssey.

Amidst the ATC's vibrant academic milieu, students and staff hosted their distinguished guests, fostering the exchange of best practices and success narratives. This collaborative effort rekindles the spirit of cross-border learning, as ATC’s dynamic scholars and facilitators share their triumphs, further enriching the education ecosystem.

This visit, backed by the USDA and GCAD, underscores the vitality of transnational collaboration.

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