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Unveiling the Sea of Wine: GCAD's Project Coordinator Shares Insight on Georgia's Wine Tourism Drive

Dec 18, 2022

Discovering the New ICT Platform and Black Sea Wine Route to Attract Global Visitors

📻 Radio Rioni • რადიო "რიონი" Fm-105.5 ‘s daily news program hosted Fund - GCAD • ფონდი - საქართველოს აგრობიზნესის განვითარების ცენტრი project coordinator Nato Klidiashvili to talk about the Sea of ​​Wine project.

🗣️ Nato Kldiashvili presented information about activities carried out within the framework of the project, new ICT patform and the Black Sea wine route.

ℹ️ Under the SeaOfWine project GCAD is working with the public and private sector, including local associations and wineries in order to prepare a corresponding basis for wine tourism popularization among international visitors.


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