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GEOSTAT Unveils Interactive Agricultural Statistics Portal

Jun 27, 2023

Empowering Rural Development and Sustainability: A User-Friendly Platform Supported by USDA and Fund GCAD for Informed Decision-Making and Progress in Georgia

In a significant leap toward transparency and accessibility, the National Statistical Office of Georgia proudly introduced an interactive portal showcasing GEOSTAT's agricultural statistics. Supported by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Fund GCAD, the portal aims to empower users with a comprehensive view of rural development and sustainability.

At the presentation event, Gogita Todradze, the Director of GEOSTAT, along with government officials and USDA representative Demna Dzirkvadze, highlighted the portal's role in providing vital data on rural development and socioeconomic balances. The portal's five modules offer easily navigable statistical insights, covering livestock, crops, aquaculture, socioeconomic balances, and general information.

The user-friendly platform aligns with GEOSTAT's objective to enhance data quality, foster informed decision-making, and contribute to Georgia's progress. For a firsthand experience, visit the portal here:

The Agricultural Statistics project is financially supported by the USDA and coordinated and carried out by the Fund GCAD.

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